How much dumber…or will it?

How much dumber is America going to get?

Americans are dropping cable and dish television in record numbers.

Where will Americans get their news? They don’t read newspapers. They don’t bother to find the truth (if that is out there) online. No, they watch cable news, FOX, CNN, MSNBC.

The dumbing down of America is why it sits idly by, as its elected officials sent to Washington to govern for them, do little more than the bidding of their Greedy Rich Masters no matter what the cost to this country or its people.

Dumb America. Will it become dumber without being able to watch corporately owned so called media, or will it finally start waking up, wising up?

America is dumb and getting dumber. Perhaps it is time to turn off all the televisions, all the so called news, and act to save itself.

Perhaps it is time to live.

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