Independence Day?

What exactly do Americans Celebrate on the 4th of July anymore?

Blowing things up? The bombs keep getting bigger and bigger. Even here in Chicago, where they are all illegal, the city becomes a War Zone with narry a police officer to be seen.

BBQing? Ah, the new American past time, EATING, charring already carcinogenic meat, (usally the stuff that is on sale), over coals fueled by lighter fluid, (a petroleum product), treated with chemicals to make them start faster and burn longer, that permeate the charring animal flesh into the crispy outer, tender inner pieces of cancer causing celebration delicacies now oozing at least a dozen more known carcinogens.  The burger, the steak, the chicken breast, the hot dog. And, that does not take into consideration the toxins released into the already chemically oozing hormone laced tissue to be cooked, by the animals themselves when they are slaughtered.

Ah, the 4th of July. Independence Day.

When is the last time you heard someone say we are celebrating our freedom on the 4th, and if you have, did you ever wonder how and why we as a nation continue to surrender our liberties to the few that profit from doing so at YOUR expense?

Enjoy your fireworks.

Enjoy your BBQ.

Enjoy your Freedom, for now?

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