The Parade…excerpt

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The Parade … excerpt…


Chapter 12


The Parade


Samantha walked east on Belmont Avenue, overjoyed that she was able to get the screw back into the hinge of her sunglasses with the tip of the blade from a pocketknife she kept in her bag. They had simply fallen off her nose while driving minutes earlier. She would need them this day. The sun was shining brightly with not a cloud in the sky. It was the end of June and this was a perfect Chicago summer day for just about anything, especially a parade, especially this parade.

She stopped in a liquor store on the way to purchase two bottles of water, remembering a previous year she came unprepared and was dying for water and a covering on her head. It had been a day much like this one.


The streets were already filling up with people heading in her direction. The Gay Pride Parade attracted all walks of life now unlike the earlier days.

Every year, more and more people welcomed into our ranks, she thought. She remembered the first parade she had literally been dragged to so many years earlier. That seemed small in comparison to how the crowds had grown since. Now, there were ten times the number of people in attendance, topping off the previous years estimate at half a million people. It was by no means one of the first but it left enough of an impression on her to return year after year unless, as was the case one year, she simply could not make it because she was somewhere else in the world.

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