The world needs a new arsenal…

Every year humanity watches in horror and various degrees of helplessness and frustration as wildfires ravage this country.

Huge fires that are indeed a part of the natural order of things over the eons until the arrival of man who is far too often the reason these fires occur.

We watch as brave and at times seemingly crazy individuals risk their lives to try and extinguish, contain or simply watch as millions of acres of plantlife burns away.

Planes fly over along with helicopters dropping what most of the time appears to be the equivalent of a thimbul full of water or retardant on raging infernos, doing little to not good in most cases.

We have it in our power, NOW, to create an arsenal to not only battle but QUICKLY, almost immediately, extinguish these large raging fires, yet we do not. One can only wonder why? It is obviously MORE profitable to create arsenals that destroy life. How much would one be willing to pay to have the ability to have an arsenal at their disposal that could put these fires out quickly?

On this incredibly shrinking planet, with humanity’s breeding out of control, it is time for this arsenal to be built.

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