Feel guilt about print

I feel guilt about print. I am torn between even publishing any further books in print or not.

I am addicted to reading books now in ebook formats, be it on an iPhone or iPad or Kindle or on any device with a Kindle app.

I find it convenient to have a library of books in my hand, in my bag traveling with me everywhere.

Where does the guilt come in?

Well for me that is a no brainer. On this incredibly shrinking world inhabited by a species that cannot control its breeding, that assaults the environment at every level because of its own lack of control of itself, violating it everywhere for profit rather than need, (uhm that would be humans btw), I can not, in good faith, agree to publish in print again. At least that is how I feel NOW, and I think that will not change but rather intensify as time goes by.

So, if you have not already given ebooks a try, then please do.

Do it because it is a marvelous way to read.

Do it for the convenience of it all.

Do it because it costs less.

Do it for our Mother and ONLY home which is to say do it for US ALL.

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